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Asiastar Buses Exported to Angola Again
How time flies! 2019 is the thirteenth year for the cooperation between Asiastar and Angola customers. On October 25th, a grand ceremony was held in the Yangzhou Asiastar Industrial Park – 22 intercity buses delivery ceremony for Angola, and the VIPs from the company made their attendance of the ceremony.“Starting from the first cooperation with Macon in 2006, we have exported nearly 1,000 city buses to the company, which demonstrates its trust to our overseas sales team and its recognition of our quality and brand as well. In the future, We, Asiastar, will continue to prov
Distinguished Gues
Recently, the distinguished clients
[ 2019-10-29]
Asiastar Kingkong
300 Asiastar Kingkong Series haj bu
[ 2019-08-14]
New breakthrough:
On August 3th 2019, a grand ceremon
[ 2019-08-09]

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